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Here we feature some of the finest Coffee blends that India has to offer, all the Coffee variants that are featured here are A+ Grade Pure Arabica Coffee. Also, these blends are only available exclusively through us, and are grown in an organic ecosystem.

Farm to Cup Coffee is an initiative my a bunch of planters in Coorg to make Coffee availble to customers directly from the plantations and thereby remove the harmful industrial processes and low quality coffee that is offered to customers by Big companies.

So basically you get your coffee straight from organically managed plantations.

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  • Jose L. Piedra Brevas (Single Cigar)

    Description: A great Cigar at any time of the day, beautiful rich flavours with earthy cuban tobacco and a wonderful deep aftertaste, really enjoyable. Jose L. Piedra Brevas is a...
    Rs. 850
  • Jose L. Piedra Cazadores (Single Cigar)

    Description: Simply a great smoke at any time of the day, wonderful Cuban Aromas, with a deep earthy quality, these are great budget Cubans, you really cant go wrong with...
    Rs. 890
  • Quintero Petit Quintero (Single Cigar)

    Description: The Quintero Petit Quintero Cigar provides all the great qualities you'd expect from a hand made Cuban cigar, at an affordable price. The Quintero Cigar has a Petit Cazadores vitola...
    Rs. 900
  • Quintero y Hno. Brevas (Single Cigar)

    Description: The Quintero y Hno. Brevas is a Cuban cigar that offers a straightforward and accessible smoking experience. Produced by the esteemed Quintero y Hno. brand, this cigar is known for...
    Rs. 1,100
  • Fonseca - Delicias (Single Cigar) - www.cigarsindia
    Sold Out

    Fonseca - Delicias (Single Cigar)

    Product Description: The Fonseca Delicias cigar is another popular offering from the Fonseca brand. Fonseca is a well-known Cuban cigar manufacturer celebrated for its craftsmanship and premium cigars. The Delicias...
    Rs. 1,200
  • Quintero Favoritos (Single Cigar)

    Description: The Quintero Favoritos is a remarkable cigar that exemplifies the excellence and captivating flavors of the Quintero brand. Quintero is a well-known Cuban cigar manufacturer recognized for producing cigars with...
    Rs. 1,600
  • Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleurs (Single Cigar)

    Origin: Cuba Manufactured: Hand Made  Gauge: Medium Length: 129 Format: Petit Coronas Ring: 42 Weight: 8,46 gr. Description: Handmade since 2002, the Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleurs is another Cuban gem. Satisfying...
    Rs. 1,700
  • Hoyo de Monterrey Palmas Extra (Single Cigar)

    Description: The Hoyo de Monterrey Palmas Extra offers aficionados a refined and captivating smoking experience, showcasing the artistry of premium cigar craftsmanship. This single cigar is a testament to the...
    Rs. 1,700
  • Romeo Y Julieta - Romeo No.3 A/T (Single Cigar)

    Cigar Description: Exclusively hand-rolled using long filler since 2002, they are also only sold in aluminum tubes. It has the brand's unmistakable taste, flowery and woody aromas, mixed with fruits,...
    Rs. 1,800
  • Ramon Allones - Small Club Coronas (Single Cigar)

    Product Description: As this cigar is produced in very small quantities, it becomes a bit difficult to find some of them. Anyway, if you are lucky enough, you will be able...
    Rs. 1,800
  • Vegueros Mananitas (Single Cigar)

    Description: The Vegueros Mananitas cigar is a delightful addition to the Vegueros brand, known for its dedication to producing premium Cuban cigars. This particular cigar is named after the Cuban word...
    Rs. 1,800
  • Romeo y Julieta Romeo No 1 (Single Cigar)

    Description: The Romeo No. 1 is Cuban cigar in the Romeo Y Julieta brand. This cigar has been produced prior to the nationalization of the Cuban cigar industry, makine it a...
    Rs. 2,000
  • ROMEO NO 2 (Single Cigar)

    Product Description: Romeo No. 2 is a term that refers to the second cigar within the Romeo y Julieta brand, which is a well-known and respected brand in the world...
    Rs. 2,100
  • MONTECRISTO NO. 4 (Single Cigar) Worlds Largest Selling Cuban Cigar

    Description:  The Montecristo No. 4 cigar is a classic and highly regarded offering within the Montecristo brand, known for its consistent quality, approachable flavor profile, and compact size. Montecristo is...
    Rs. 2,500
  • Romeo y Julieta Puritos (Pack of 5)

    The purito packs the famous Romeo y Julieta flavors i • Medium body cigar with powerful woody and floral flavors • Great construction, it is also protected by a cellophane...
    Rs. 2,500
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