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  • CUABA EXCLUSIVOS (Box of 25)

    Product Description: The Cuaba Exclusivos is a premium cigar known for its exceptional craftsmanship and distinct flavor profile. Handcrafted in Cuba, it showcases the expertise and tradition of Cuban cigar-making....
    Rs. 38,000

    Product Description: The Cuaba Tradicionales is a classic Cuban cigar that embodies the rich heritage and traditional craftsmanship of Cuban tobacco. Handmade with meticulous care, it offers a truly authentic...
    Rs. 22,000
  • Cuaba Generosos - Box of 25

    Product Description: The Cuaba Generosos is a distinguished cigar that exemplifies the artistry and expertise of Cuban cigar craftsmanship. Handcrafted with precision, it offers a unique smoking experience that is...
    Rs. 52,000
  • CUABA SALOMÓNES (Box of 10)

    Product Description: The Cuaba Salomónes is an exceptional cigar that showcases the artistry and expertise of Cuban cigar craftsmanship. This unique and striking cigar stands out with its impressive size...
    Rs. 21,000
  • Cuaba Divinos (Single Cigar )

    Description: Cuaba Divinos is a cigar that hails from Cuba and is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and rich flavors. It is part of the Cuaba brand, which was established...
    Rs. 2,200
  • Cuaba - Diademas (Box of 5)

    Product Description: The Cuaba Diademas is a prestigious cigar that represents the epitome of elegance and sophistication. This exceptional cigar showcases the artistry and skill of Cuban cigar craftsmanship, making...
    Rs. 10,400
  • CUABA DISTINGUIDOS (Box of 10) - www.cigarsindia
    Sold Out


    Description: The Cuaba Distinguidos is an elegant and exceptional medium to full Habano, of 52 ring gauge, 6’4” (162mm) long and comes in a box of 10 cigars. As each Cuaba...
    Rs. 18,000
  • CUABA DIADEMAS (Single Cigar) - www.cigarsindia
    Sold Out

    CUABA DIADEMAS (Single Cigar)

    Product Description: Wrapped in the trappings of heraldry, Diademas come individually coated in their own aluminum armour. Some seek these cigar simply for their knightly guise but the Diademas are an...
    Rs. 7,130
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