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Product Description: One of the leading lights of the Romeo y Julieta brand! This is a Churchill that redefines the concept of a ‘creamy smoke’. Powerful and yet disarmingly smooth, you can only be seduced by this remarkable cigar. Winston Churchill was seduced, to the point of making it synonymous with his name! Robust and complex in its multitude of flavors which include vanilla, coffee, tropical fruit, wood, cocoa, nuts, herbs and flowers, this Churchill is awesome! So fight them on the beaches or in the smoking room, wants you to try these famous Cuban cigars just to say you have smoked the same cigar as Winston himself! 

This Churchills is a very strong cigar and, for those smokers who are not called veterans, it may take some time to really appreciate its taste. Strong, but at the same time smooth. The Romeo y Julieta Churchill is considered THE Cuban Churchill by many purists. This substantial cigar is rustic, almost feral in quality. Initially, exclusively produced for Winston Churchill during World War II, the Churchill is a robust and complex cigar. It is rich and powerful, especially in the middle phase of the smoke which is where it gained its considerable reputation. 

  • Ring Gauge: 47 
  • Length (inch): 7 
  • TASTE: Woody


About the Brand: 
Named after William Shakespeare’s tragic lovers, the origins of Romeo y Julieta as a Habano date back to 1875.
The brand rose to international fame during the early years of the 20th Century under the direction of Don "Pepin" Fernandez, a talented promoter, who was amongst the first to recognise the power of the cigar band. During his hey day no less than 20,000 different bands were used in production.
Winston Churchill became a devotee of Romeo y Julieta. Since his visit to Havana in 1946, his name has not only been commemorated on a band but it has also served to describe the marque’s most famous size measuring 7 inches (178 mm) by 47 ring gauge — the Churchill.
Romeo y Julieta’s balanced and aromatic blend of selected leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region make it the classic medium bodied Habano.

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Cigar Reviews: 

"R & J Short churchill Tall on Flavor"

Review by: Clyde G
Review Date: 11/11/2011
Rating: 8.2
Review Notes: I have had the pleasure of smoking at least 2 boxes of these fine cigars. I have some that I've been aging for over 4 years. I find these cigars flavorful, well constructed, great draws and full of the mild but complex flavors of Cuban tobacco.

"A very pleasant smoke" 
Review by: Gasdoc1
Review Date: 11/11/2011
Rating: 8.4 
Review Notes: This was a cigar that was given to me as part of a contest. It was a very enjoyable cigar. Not too complex but good, nonetheless. I almost put it out with about 2 inches left, but I'm glad I didn't. The nub really hit it out of the park! I almost gave this one an 8 for overall score, but the last inch pushed it to an 8.5!

"Loved every bit of it" 
Review by: chasingstanley
Review Date: 04/09/2011
Rating: 9
Review Notes: Wish it was bigger. Great smoke this was, lots of flavour, nice rich smoke. Excellent over all smoke.

"Always enjoy these"
Review by: Cole
Review Date: 02/18/2011
Rating: 7.8
Review Notes: Thick, sweet smoke, nice draw.... I've enjoyed every one.

"Mellow yellow"
Review by: Aaron
Review Date: 04/01/2010
Rating: 7.8
Review Notes: I thought that title was clever... Nice mild 40 minute smoke. Smooth, not very complex flavors of cedar, nuts, and light buttery sweet spice. Not boring or bland at all. Possibly a nice mid-day smoke, or a solid mild intro into cigars for a friend.

"Short and sweet" 
Review by: Andy
Review Date: 11/28/2009
Rating: 8.6
Review Notes: Just like the title this cigar delivers great taste and a lot of flavor in a short, sweet package.

"Goodbye Moustache"
Review by: greatwhitenorth
Review Date: 07/20/2009
Rating: 9.6
Review Notes: This cigar is so enjoyable you hate to put it out. I smoked the Cuban R y J Short Churchill on my balcony during my vacation to Cuba. The smooth draw and amount of smoke I was blowing out made tourists think my room was on fire. I smoked the cigar until I couldn't stand the burning fingers and lips any longer. After one cigar I was sold so I smoked a couple more just to be safe. The entire five cigars in the pack didn't disappoint. I can see why CA rated it # 4 in 2007.

"Very good experience"
Review by: Airheadmotorcycle
Review Date: 07/13/2009
Rating: 8
Review Notes: I split a box with my buddy that was from April '08. Really nice smoke, sweet , nutty, and flavorful. Great draw, but I had to relight once with a couple cases of tunneling which were easily correctable. I'm looking forward to smoking the last 10 or 11 as they appear to be ready. That's a pretty quick turnaround for a Cuban in my experience. I smoked this one in the morning with coffee and only an English muffin on my stomach. I put it down a little early, at about the R&J band as I was beginning to feel satiated (in a good way). These lived up to their hype, imo. If they're all this good I'll regret splitting the box and not keeping them all to myself. ;-)

Review by: Rodni C
Review Date: 02/24/2009
Rating: 8

"Nice Cigar"
Review by: David B
Review Date: 07/19/2008
Rating: 8
Review Notes: Nice smooth cigar when I feel like a medium bodied cigar.

"Perfect Size"
Review by: mustang500
Review Date: 04/20/2008
Rating: 9
Review Notes: I think I need to give these some time in the humidor. Tasted a little fresh. Earthy, some cream with building flavor.

"Great morning cigar"
Review by: tmac0329
Review Date: 02/06/2008
Rating: 8.5
Review Notes: Nice construction and draw. Strength was medium-light over first half with flavors of cedar, nuts, and a bit of creaminess. Strength built to medium over second half with cedar dominating the flavor. Great with a cup of coffee.

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