Selecting a cigar for the first time can be quite a confusing process, the many brands, shapes and sizes found among cigars can leave you confused, but worry not we at have compiled at fabulous list of mild to medium bodies cigars that we recommend to all first time cigar smokers, remember, your lungs have no taste buds and hence there is no reason whatsoever to inhale cigar smoke, a cigar is enjoyed only for its mouthfeel, so take a puff out of the list given below and enjoy your first cigar. 
The name Cohiba comes from the Taino word meaning, quite rightly, ‘tobacco.’ The tobacco for this cigar comes from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba where it undergoes extra fermentation. The Cohiba brand has developed a cult status, often being given as a diplomatic gift. The cigar to try is the Cohiba Behike, which has a very limited run, and is therefore very exclusive. It’s made with a bit of Media Tiempo (the small leaves that grow at the top of of some Cuban tobacco plants) and the filler is fermented on its own. This gives the cigar an earth core, with a rich woody flavour. One of the most expensive cigars available these cigars are known for their intense, rich flavour.
Often considered the king of torpedos (a type of cigar shape), the Montecristo is one of the best-selling Cuban cigars. The Montecristo #2 is the most popular of the lot and is powerful from the start. It tantalises the palatte with hints of sweet spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and has a trademark tangy woody note. It maintains a creamy feel all the way and is great option for those who don’t smoke regularly as the flavours aren’t overwhelming.
Established in Havana in 1845, Partagas is among the oldest Cuban cigar brands. The Partagas Serie D is a true cigar connoisseur’s choice and has to be tried for its sweet natural tobacco, cedar and delicious woody finish and robust size. They are smooth cigars, making them ideal for any time of the day. They’re great for smoking now, but will taste even better after they’ve been aged in your humidor.
H. Upmann
This brand of premium cigars was also established in 1844 and ranks as one of the oldest. The must-try is the H. Upmann Petit Corona. True to its name, it is but a small dynamite full of flavours. It has a lush draw that reveals a blend of spices and coffee notes, with earthy, nutty flavours. This was the favourite cigar brand of former US president John F Kennedy, and it’s said that the night before the Cuban embargo was signed he had his aide buy all the boxes he could find in Washington, DC.
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