So it was Harsh Soni’s Bithday and having known Harsh for almost 20 Years now, I can confirm that he is a self proclaimed Cigar Aficionado, and on this day, his wife wanted to surprise him with a buffet of some of the best Cuban Cigars that money can buy, she also wanted to make it memorable and hence didn't offer a budget which meant that I could go all out and shop for the best of the best. So I called our regular supplier of Cigars, ( and asked them to deliver the following Cigars.

1) Cohiba Behile 54 - (10 Sticks)  
2) Arturo Fuente (God of Fire)  - (10 Sticks)
3) Partagas Serie D 4 - (5 Sticks)  
4) Montechristo Grand Edmundo  - 5 Sticks  
5) Romeo and Julieta (Short Churchill)  - 10 Sticks  
6) Hoyo De Monterrey (Epicure No 2) - 10 Sticks

With the list so fabulous, it had to be a great night and I called everyone else from the club and informed them to be at the venue by 9. I also ordered some fabulous cutters which we were running short of, and with this I had finished all my cigar purchases and was off to rest for a while beacuse I knew that it was a going to be a long night.

I left home at 8-30 and made some final calls just to confirm if everyone had left their respective homes. At the venue I found Meera (Harsh’s Wife) at the door, and she was busy with the servants, instructing them on arranging and cleaning the place in view of the party. I had all the cigars with me and I had walked into the fancy humidor that Harsh had placed in his room, and placed all the cigars in the humidor. Once Suraj, Vikas, and Andrew had made their appearance, they were eager to light up the cigars, but I insisted on surprising Harsh first, with the Cake and the Cigars and then doing the lighting bit, which they reluctantly agreed to.

Once Harsh arrived looking quite tired, everyone shouted “Happy Bday” as he entered the door, and the shock and awe on his face clearly confirmed that he was pleasantly surprised, to much of Meera’s angst, Harsh reached out to the Cigar Humidor rather than the fabulous and expensive cake that Meera had ordered for him. She had to drag him back to the table where the Cigars where placed and he cut the cake and did the usual mouth feeding to his wife  and the rest and quickly came back to the humidor, eager to light up the Cubans. All of us moved to the terrace so we could enjoy our fabulous smokes, and we all lit our Cigars, I chose the Behike 54, which is one the best Cigars that I have ever smoked and Harsh chose what he reckons is the best Cigar in the world, the Arturo Fuente (God of Fire).

Harsh repeatedly thanked everyone for their presence and also for making it a Cigar night and was of the opinion that we should have such cigar get togethers at his terrace, which I thought was a great idea keeping in the mind the fantastic view and his wife's delicious cooking.

We all enjoyed the Cigars till late in the night and hopefully made Harsh’s Bday and memorable one, thanks to some fabulous Cigars.


Bangalore Cigar Club Member

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