So the Bangalore Cigar Club planned to conduct a fabulous night that would be dedicated to just Cuban Cigars, and a fabulous night it was. Firstly our Club President “Jayanth” was in charge of buying the Cigars which he did from our Cigar supplier ( he kept his choices for the night a secret, just so he could surprise us at the party.

So once everyone had arrived, it was time to light up the Cubans and Jayanth pulled out a nice big box of assorted Cigars and opened it up, and the Cigars looked just fabulous. I grabbed for the Montechristo Grand Edmundo as it was a Limited Edition Cigar, Sameer reached out to the Paratagas Serie D 4, which is a full body beauty, Anuragh chose the Cohiba 1966, which apparently a few Cigar Aficianados in Europe after just a couple of puffs declared it as one of the best cigars that they have ever smoked, and others chose some Cohiba Robustos, Romeo No 1 and Montechristo No 1.

We had bought some good whisky the previous night and we were savouring a bottle of Glenfiddich and some Indian whisky as well. Once the Cigars were lit using our brand new Siglo Edition butane lighters, the aroma of all these fabulous Cigars filled the room, Jayanth’s wife had made some sumptuous Pasta and Lasagna which we would have for dinner, and she joined us for a smoke too, and reached out to a beautiful oily stick of a Montechristo No 4.

All in all, a great night, great cigars, great friends, whisky and food, what more could you ask for.



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