I was on a Business Trip to Mumbai when I stumbled upon some fabulous Cuban Cigars, this was during a lunch meeting with my business associates, on of them pulled out a Cohiba Siglo VI, which is one of my favourite cigars. I got to talking to him and I wanted to probe about the Cigar Culture in Mumbai, and he said that Cigars have always been a part of Mumbai’s elite and in the recent years its only gotten better, with more neo rich Mumbaikars taking on Cigars of all types, and yes, the Cuban Cigars seem to be the most popular, although some Nicaraguan Cigars such as the Rocky Patel range have made their appearance, the Cohibas and Montecristos continue to be the best sellers.

He also went onto to say that Cigars are mostly smoked at Barbeque Parties or at lavish Big fat weddings, but there are some who smoke a Cigar everyday, he said that he knew this Retired Army General who smokes three Cubans every single day. He also confirmed that Cigars had made their mark in India but their availability is quite scarce. He said that he buys his Cigars from www.cigarsindia.in and he even went on to campaign for the great quality and prompt delivery of this portal, and even I agree with him on this one, as I buy buy my cigars from the same portal too. He also went to add that in true Mumbai style, one of his friends had organized a Cigar and Vada Pav party wherein, the best cigars that money can buy along with some fabulous vada pavs cooked by the best chefs was on offer.

I guess we can gladly say that Mumbaikars love their Vada Pavs and now some and a growing number of them also like Cigars.
Hope you liked my short insight into the Cigar Culture in Mumbai.


Kamal Seth

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