We recently had the privilege of smoking some Ashton Cigars at a house party and the experience was simply outstanding, we smoked the Ashton VSG Illusion, which is a medium to full body stick and it had a rich sweetness to it, which i absolutely loved, the flavours started to get a little grassy but the complexity was very much prevalent. The taste seemed to transition from the 1st half and really started to blend more towards being a superb stick.

The Ashton VSG Illusion really made a great impact on me from the time I layed my eyes on it, it had a stunning wrapper with minimal veins and the sweet flavours upon smoking really made my day..or shoudl I say.Night, although these Cigars are hard to find in India, we managed to find them on www.cigarsindia.in and they had shipped it to me in days time. We are planning to smoke the “Ashton ESG 22 Year Salute” next week, and I can't wait already.


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