The Cigar market in India is being pegged at around 300 million Dollars according a recent study done by a prominent business magazine, and this combined with the rapid growth of the Food and Beverage industry, we can expect that figure to jump by three folds in the coming years. Although the debate that whether Indians are ready for the Cubans still need to be ascertained, the machine made cigars are the ones that are being sold in the largest quantities.

In the ten years that I have spent in the prominent cities on India, I have smoked Cigars with many a Cigar Connoisseur, and off late I am seeing a rising trend in young smokers taking on Cuban Cigars. I also spoke with some of people from , I buy from them because they are the only store in India that have all the Cigar brands from South America on one comprehensive platform, and they were of the opinion that the Cubans still remain the preferred brand of Cigars, although we introduced some fabulous Cigars from the Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.


Also, on my recent visit to Delhi, which we can conveniently call as the Capital of Cigars in India, I saw people at prominent social gatherings take on the Cubans only, I dint see anyone who smoked a Non-Cuban. In my opinion, I like the Rocky Patel Cigars the most, it is my personal favourite and I have been smoking Cigars for almost 25 years now and light up almost every day. So, the monopoly enjoyed by Cuban Cigars seem to really fascinate me and I wonder whether a lot of smokers are smoking Cubans mainly because of the phrase “Cuban Cigars” or is that they are illiterate in the rich tobacco of the Non- Cuban variants. Well, I guess we will have to have wait for another 10 years to find out, as we see more brands like Ashton, Rocky Patel and Oliva make their entry into the Indian market, it will be really interesting to see how the market shapes up for the Cuban Cigars who are increasingly coming under some intense competition from the Non-Cubans.

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