Firstly, I was really surprised to find this Davidoff Cigar in India, and happened to stumble upon it when I was surfing online.

What it is made of:

Zino Davidoff Platinum Scepter (chubby) is blended with 3 Dominican filler tobaccos, a rare Peruvian filler leaf, a 4-year-aged Connecticut binder and a 1-year-aged Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Pre-light the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper on the cigar smelled of sweet cedar. I would say it is the best smelling smoke pre light that I have experienced (well other than pineapple white owls).

Lets fire it up:

Once I torched this bad boy. I immediately smelled the sweet cedar aroma. I loved just sitting there smelling this cigar. Once I started puffing on the cigar, the flavor was very woody/cedary and crisp with just a slight hint of cream or vanilla. I would say the most noticeable feature was the cedar with a sweet after taste. This cigar was unique because of the flavor, and the flavor was fantastic IMHO. Now on to the second half of the smoke. This smoke went to pretty much an all cedar and woody flavor with less crème but still a slight sweetness. Again the taste was crisp and light and very good. This is definitely a lighter bodied smoke. I detected little to no spice throughout the smoke


The construction was flawless, in a beautiful figurado type shape (correct me if I am wrong) but they called this shape the Chubby. It was pretty cool looking none the less. It burned razor straight the entirety of the smoke. The draw at first was a bit tight due to the shape but loosened up perfectly for a full draw of a light bodied smoke. Also, the smoke remained cool the entire time. Speaking of time, this cigar took about 40 mins to smoke.

Overall I would recommend this smoke if for nothing else a change of pace, or special occasion cigar. At 15 bucks or more I usually like to say that you can get a better smoke for less which you probably can. However, I have never had the shape, or unique flavor for cheaper, and would definitely like a box of these in my collection. I really have nothing bad to say about this smoke, it is worth every penny so do your self a favor and grab one of these bad boys and fire it up. A+ 

Also, this Davidoff Cigar is only available from they will ship to you within 5 working days.


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